It's doesn't matter how much we make, but how much we make a difference!   
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                    There are many things that help define who we are. How we look, how we serve and perhaps most important, how we speak. The world would have me think I'm not good enough or smart enough. I am okay with that because I know differently. I have been fortunate to meet so many talented people. My heart has been blessed because of this. I write what I feel God wants me to write. It may not be the most popular subject but, it's the most worthwhile. How can I ever expect to succeed if I don't have my priorities right. God first, family second and everything else after that. When I focus on my promises from the Bible, I get excited. I can think of no reason why I would ever want to go back to my lifestyle of reckless behavior. 
                  This site is for my enjoyment mostly. People like to know about who they are reading. This site will give you a chance to know me a little better. I am God fearing, people loving and ready to laugh. Don't take life too seriously. Nobody makes it out alive. 
                  Two of my friends from CA are examples of why humor is so important in our daily walk. Jason Elkin loves to entertain and more important loves to laugh. He has a wine collection that will be global and an attitude that is contagious. Michael Pritchard is a local legend in the SF Bay area. His humor and wit have entertained hundreds of thousands over the years. He is the anti-bully spokesman all across the U.S.   Children have been captivated by his antics and moved by his compassion. His accomplishments are impressive and heart warming.
                  Another motivator, and a professional singer, is from my hometown. Miss Sandy Hardin is President of Redstarr Entertainment Magazine. She promotes, paints, designs, sings and runs a digital newspaper that covers the entertainment industry here in the USA. Check out her magazine at

My new book is available here or on Amazon. It's a book dedicated to the Word of God through prayer. Prayer works; but you have to have faith. These are prayers for healing, peace, joy and so much more. The prayers are touched by the word of God on every page. Anyone who knows how to speak, knows how to pray. You simply need to do this.   


                                   Miss Sandy Hardin
                                  President REM, LLC

Keep your eyes out for these three wines. 
    Jason Elkin Wine and more    
This Hero changes lives everyday. From kids being bullied to Veterans dealing with PTSD. Humor, a sincere love and a genuine heart to serve. YEP! That's my Mr. "P". Love this guy.

    Michael Pritchard   fulltime anti-bully coach

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