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Anointed prayers that will change the way you pray. Scripture that defines who we are and what we  have been promised with each prayer.  You will never say that you can't pray or don't know how to pray when you spend time in this collection of  affirmations. Don't just pray.    
                       Pray Like you Mean It!
                       Available Here Now.

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Signed copy available $15 includes s/h

Sharing, caring and love. What do we
need most in life? Read about the search for
Truth in this book which tells us how we might go about finding God. There are many distractions in this life that may leave us feeling alone, scared or angry. These feelings don't come from God so, why do we insist on living with them? 

Poetry collection that touches the inner most heart strings. Poems that tell stories and create word pictures. Love can be volatile or it can be the greatest blessing. Don't live this life wishing for love. Seek it out. 

This first edition made many smile and cry. Love does that. Happy tears can be cleansing. This is still available on Amazon, along with many other selections I've written. Love is a God thing and a very, very, very good thing.

Signed copy available $20 includes s/h

No one can resist this lovable cockatoo. Stevie Bird is an umbrella cockatoo that loves to play inside paper bags. Learn his antics and many interesting facts about this endangered bird. 

Signed copies available 
$15 includes s/h

Real life stories that reflect the heart and courage of my Dad, Earl Bertram. From Navy Heavy Weight Boxer, who was undefeated, to Jefferson County Police/Detective in Louisville, KY, Earl left his mark on many lives for the better. A labor of love that defines what being a man of GOD looks like. 

Signed copy available 
$15 includes s/h

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